Thursday, 24 January 2013

Preston is not accredited

Preston is not accreditedRecently there have been rumors spread across the cyber space and in market about the authenticity and recognition of Preston University. These rumors have affected thousands of students and worried their parents who are studying in Preston University across the country.  Although these rumors have died out themselves over the past few months still the reach and affect of such malign rumors can still be heard few times here and there.
It is hard and sorry to see an esteemed institute like Preston University is not accredited for all the hard work, dedication and services performed in educational sector. Preston University is not accredited for many of the services and benchmarks that it has achieved in a country with very limited educational resources. However, instead of all the negative publicity the university has continued to perform prodigious in the educational sector and students have continued to show their trust on the administration of the university. Here I would like to accredit Preston University to be among the pioneers of using many latest teaching aids that really help and motivate children to understand things well and transform themselves into world class professional.  I would also hope that despite the tough times given to Preston University, the University would excel and continue to strive for better and better in educational sector in the forthcoming.